Benefits of Harp Therapy

When health problems arise, and the best of health care is received, patients and their loved ones may still experience stress and difficulty coping with this situation. In addition, the general public often views hospitals and other health care facilities as cold, sterile, and frightening places to be.

Providing live therapeutic harp music in a hospital or other health care institution promotes a healing environment infused with warmth, calmness, comfort, and caring. This complementary care service can facilitate the coping and healing process, and offers many other benefits as well, as listed below.

cheryl playing harp
Benefits to Patients
  • Decreases anxiety, agitation, and depression
  • Reduces awareness of pain
  • Reduces the need for pain and sedating medications
  • Normalizes vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate)
  • Increases oxygenation of blood
  • Increases the production of endorphins
  • Promotes relaxation and sleep
  • Invites a cathartic release of emotions and fears
  • Establishes a sense of connection
  • Brings joy, pleasure, and beauty
  • Creates a distraction from boredom
  • Encourages a feeling of being special
  • Instills a sense of well-being and hope
Benefits to Family and Friends
  • Reduces worry and tension
  • Provides comfort and pleasure
  • Offers a positive, shared experience with the patient
Benefits to Health Care Staff
  • Creates a serene work environment
  • Reduces work-related stress
  • Provides nurturing and care to the caregivers
  • Raises staff morale
  • Lowers the rate of staff burnout and turnover
Benefits to Sponsoring Health Care Agency
  • Reflects a commitment to the comfort of the patient and their loved ones
  • Increases patient and family satisfaction
  • Creates a marketing edge over other health care institutions
  • Demonstrates progressive thinking and support of national health care trends
  • Provides an opportunity to research an innovative, complementary care modality